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Lying Cindy Anthony Plays Cat And Mouse With Attorney Linda Drane Burdick

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

After watching Cindy speak lie after lie and Casey attempt to mirror Cindy’s emotional state, I am convinced more than ever that Casey is devoid of empathy and real emotion. She is devoid of her own emotion unless it pertains to herself. She has mirror other’  emotions but rarely succeeds in the true emotional delivery.  Above we see Cindy upset. Casey mimics the upset and wipes a non tear from  the side of her eye.

Cindy did her fair share of fake crying and wiping away non tears as did Casey. Here we see Casey mimicking Cindy’s crying behavior. In my view Cindy put on a show for the jurors. Look for Cindy wipes a non tear from her non wet eye.  Casey does the same.

In this photo we see Cindy telling the jury that she had no idea that Casey was 7 months pregnant. This is very hard to believe for a registered nurse who kept an eagle eye out for Casey. While she doesn;t show a signal of deception, she does show a signal of anger that this topic was raised.Look how her lower jaw juts forth in anger.


Here is Cindy after she told one of her many lies. Look at her lip purse. This often occurs when someone does not want to reveal something like the truth, If you recall, George does this  gesture a lot a well.

Here is more lying from Cindy when she is looking down. Here we see her manufacturing one of her many lies.

Here we see Cindy’s tight mouth as her head is jutting forward. This indicates that she is angry and is being  belligerent when evading the question that Linda Drane Burdick asked her.



Linda Drane Burdick asked a simple question  as to whether Caylee’s  shorts were in the house. Above  we see Cindy giving way too much information about Caylee’s height and growth.  She says there was a  lot of clothing that was not at the home everyday. Her convoluted statement is usually consistent with  a signal of deception.

She continues with deception as she tells a story about how Caylee has clothes hanging in the closet and how the shorts werent her favorite  outfit . When someone circumvents like that it means they have lied.

All Cindy had to say was Yes or No as it pertained to the shorts.

Watching Cindy show so many signals of deception is very distressing. I wish Linda Drane Burdick could yell out” Look Cindy I know you are lying so just tell the truth or you will be in jail.” I hope that Linda Drane Burdick and Jeff Ashton hold Cindy accountable for their lying on the stand. I can even help them pick out the exact instances where these  lies took place.

Cindy had obstructed justice all along as she  gave the wrong hairbrush and told lie after lie to LE. It is about time that she face the music and spend time in jail f.or contempt. Anyone else who lied would have to serve time. Why should she be any different?

The excuse that she suffered enough is a poor one as she made everyone else suffer. She is indirectly responsible for Caylee’s death  in my view. She knew Casey was a mess and she pushed her over the edge by kicking her out and allowing her to take Caylee. And where was she for 31 days? Why didnt’t she call LE and have them locate the pings when Casey called to find out where Casey and  Caylee were. Why did she not report a missing child after 31 days?

Cindy was a sympathetic figure the first time she cried and broke down but now she is not. I imagine that the jury sees right through her. They know she is protecting Casey. They also see the rel Cindy energy who is hostile and full of  irrelevant stories that show deception. I was very  much willing Cindy the benefit  jail. of the doubt initially. But after seeing her lie and lie and evade questions and go off on convoluted tangents, I hope she goes to jail.

And for those of you  who say, ” she is torn and she is after all a parent, I say So What? What about Caylee. She has taken to lying for Casey and essentially tossing Caylee and her memory away like a piece of garbage or trash.



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Body Language and Voice of Cindy Anthony Shows Deception Trying To Save Casey

Saturday, June 25th, 2011

One of the most tell tale  signals of deception was when Cindy discussed that she purchased the car with stains in the trunk. As she said this her voice croaked and trailed off. This indicates a lie. It was her vocal cord muscles closing off because the muscles functioned tightly as they  knew that a lie was being told.

Cindy looked very defensive as she spoke as you can see by her raised shoulders and her pulled back body.

When a person jabbers on and on and on and on chances are they are lying. Cindy did such jabbering when she spoke about her passwords at work and reasons why she couldn’t verify her time of being home or at work. She gave way too much information and made way too many excuses for it to be truthful. She went off on tangents that had nothing to do with what she  was asked. This is also an indicator of deception.

She  purses her lips after she says that she looked up” inhalation.” That is usually a signal of deception. Casey looks surprised that her mother was trying to save her behind.

She also shows a signal of deception when she speaks about “neck breaking” and how she looked it up because there as a youtube video that said neck breaking skate boarding. This is not true as indicated by her head bow and shoulder shrug and sticking her own neck forward.

She pursed her lips again when she said she searched “acetone” which is also a signal of deception.

Here we see the lip  purse when Cindy is busted about looking up chloroform and looking it up 84 times. She said she looked up chloroform which was ridiculous. It was obvious that she lied based on her tone and based on her body language.

Here we see Cindy scratching her eye  as she discusses how the computer was on all the time and how she didn’t need a password to get on and how she asked Casey to get on the computer, If she had a laptop why did she have to ask Casey if she could use the computer.

No matter what Cindy says, the jury will see through her. They will hear her deceptive vocal tells and they will see her deceptive body language  tells. They know she is lying to save her daughter’s life. They saw her break down and now know she is trying to back track.

The judge will give an order to the jurors not to base their judgement  because they  sorry for anyone. The jury will not forget Cindy’s  most real breakdown on the stand  and her not even looking in Casey’s direction. Then they will remember her mouthing I Love You to Casey as she left the stand the second time she testified. Now the third time she is covering up. They know what is going on. They will see right through her,

Cindy’s protecting Casey says a lot a about how Cindy really feels about Caylee. Apparently Cindy cares more about the person who murdered Caylee than she does about Caylee being murdered. If I am seeing  this so clearly, a jury will as well.I think they will be angry that they are being manipulated by Cindy, who showed a great deal of unlike ability on the stand today.

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Cindy Anthony’s Image Is Made Over But Her Body Language Shows Signals of Deception and Denial By Refusing To Identify With Anita Van der Sloot

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010


Outer image makeovers to make someone more attractive and likeable only work if the person is attractive and likeable on the inside to begin with. That is clearly not the case with Cindy Antony, mother of  Casey Anthony. who is accused on murdering Cindy’s grand daughter Caylee.

As I have said repeatedly, the body does not lie. Neither does the voice or speech.

You can use all the bleach you want to lighten you hair, grow  it and style it into a more feminine less   severe looking hairdo, the real you will always leak out.

You can even follow a  coache’s advice and speak in slow and soft measured tones void of anger and upset, but the real you will always emerge.

Your real voice will always leak out and so will your lies in how you move. How you sound and what you say will always give away the lies you tell.


People are not stupid.For the most part they know if someone is telling them the truth or not.

I believe in her GMA  interview with Ashley Banfield,  Cindy was not being honest and forthright as there were so many signals of deception which leaked out when she spoke.

Her first signal of deception  was when Cindy gazed upwards  up after Ashley confronted her with You didn’t say that?”

Ashley’s question was in response to Cindy’s denial  about the  9ll tape. During the 911 tape, Cindy said that she found her daughter’s car  that was missing and  it smelled a dead body in the” damn car.

As Cindy gazes upwards as you can see in the above photo,  it is evident that she is trying to manufacture an answer that is most likely not true.

She said she lied to police when she  told them she smelled a dead body in the car in order to get police out quicker. As she said this, she not only looks up and not directly at Ashley,she shrugs her shoulder,

Her  looking  up. along with her  shoulder shrug, indicate  two huge  “tells” that show  deception.

George even knows she is lying as he looks at her with  a scrunched up facial expression showing disdain at her lie.

Suddenly, Cindy gazes looks down, also another tell of deception  and says “  there was never… I never thought that….

When people repeat words and speak in changed fragments, rest assured  they are usually lying.

Another major  tell  that indicates  she was most likely  not being truthful was that her voice pitch rose up higher  as she spoke those fragmented statements.


Cindy then looks straight at Ashley as she  says in a strong and full voice “ a liar doesn’t make you a murder.”

The operative word here is the word “you”. It make not make “you” at home who is  watching the show. a murderer.

But repeated lying may very well make anyone a sociopath and a sociopath has often been found to be a  murderer.

So in Casey’s  case,  using the associative property applied to Cindy’s  language,  lyingto police about her missing daughter’s whereabouts may very well make her a sociopath and also  murder.


When asked about Casey accusing George of molesting her, Cindy replied in measured  unemotional tones, “ I read the letters and they were hurtful.

As she says this she looks to George instead of maintaining  her direct eye contact with Ashley

As she looks at George. it may be that she may perhaps be giving him the message that what he allegedly did to Casey did indeed  hurt Cindy.

Then Cindy  is back to her old Cindy ways – in running George and speaking for him as she adds “ It was hurtful to George


Next, without one hint of emotion, as if on cue, George  nods and does his “golly gee shucks lip pursing, chin scrunching.  I want everyone to like me,
” facial expression.  And as if it was rehearsed a hundred times says “It  still is.”

Well if  Casey did manage to eek out the truth and let it be known what George did  her- sexually molest her. then   it is even more hurtful to Casey.

Maybe what is “hurtful” to George is that Casey may have  betrayed their family secrets and in doing so, let it out for the world to know.

Then Ashley asks if what Casey said hurt him. What George does next  is very telling body language wise.

First   he shakes his head no when he should be shaking it yes and says “ I’m still gonna be there for my daughter. “  He then closes his eyes as you see in  rhe photo above  and looks down, as if to shut Casey out.

His words say one thing but his body certainly belies him.

He says “I‘m still gonna be there for my daughter.” It is said in a soft  tone that dies off at the end.

He adds “That’s unconditional love. “ Now we see his most telling tell. He shrugs his shoulders as he says these words.

This clearly indicates that he is NOT  telling the truth here.  His shoulder shrug indicates that he is not only lying to us,  but lying to himself as well.


Here is a reality check George Anthony. When your own daughter accuses you of sexually molesting her and if  as you say, it  isn’t true, then maybe it is high time you put  some  conditions on what you call “ love.”

On the other hand, if it is true and you did sexually molest your daughter, then you need to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If that is the case, it is no wonder your daughter is such a TOTAL  mess.


The only time anything Cindy said in the interview rang true was when she looked directly at Ashley and said how much  she misses Caylee. She said that Caylee was gone for as long as she had been alive.

You could heard the true heartfelt  emotion and grief in Cindy’s voice and see it in her face. She was clearly distraught and her emotions were genuine.


Then Ashley asks Cindy “ Are you prepared for the outcome?” Both Cindy and George look down without a hint of emotion.

To me it is apparent that they have no doubt prepared for the worst outcome but refuse to admit it.

That is when Cindy in a measured unemotional tone says that she  has
dreams where Casey as home

I believe that deep down Cindy knows that the only time she will ever see her daughter come home again is in her dreams. I think that this may be Cindy’s way of coping with the brutal  truth.


Cindy  continued to be in denial when she told Ashley that she  identifies with Beth Twitty, the mother of Natalie Holloway, but NOT  with  Joran Van der Sloot’s mother.

I can certainly understand why she would identify with Beth  Twitty from the standpoint that they both lost daughters forever and will never see their daughters live out their lives ands share experiences together.

On the other Cindy tried desperately to draw a line with  the differences between Casey and Joran and between herself and Mrs. Van der Sloot. “

In fact she said to Ashley, “You know, there have been issues where she saw his angry side. I don’t know that of Casey. I don’t know Casey as being anybody that could hurt anybody.”

Cindy must have a very short memory. There certainly were instances where Casey went off on her mother and got very angry.

She just needs to go back and look att he jailhouse tapes. Casey is absolutely livid with Cindy. It looked as though Casey was so angry, that  if she could get through the glass partition, she may have smacked Cindy.

There has also been a reported history of violence between Cindy and Casey. In fact brother  Lee addressed it as did bounty hunter Leonard Padilla.

Casey’s anger was also directed towards her father on multiple occasions. She even told him to act like a father  for once and not a cop.

So it is clear that Cindy is in denial here. Looking in the mirror and seeing another mother who will soon face seeing her child on trial and knowing that her child may probably end up dead because of being killed in prison or dying in prison for some other reason, hits Cindy too close to the bone.

The similarities between Anita Can Der Sloot’s situation and Cindy Anthony’s situation is clearly evident.

Mainly, they have both been enablers and have let their children get away with too much for way too long.

Next. it must be excruciatingly painful  for Cindy to admit that like Anita, she too spawned a lying and  alleged murderous sociopath who destroyed her life.

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